Oribe Is Going Back to Its Roots With a Limited-Edition Product

In haircare, looking back is frequently a method to progress. Stylists are frequently motivated by the trends of previous years when creating new looks, and brand names will transform their most beloved items with fresh product packaging.

That’s exactly what Oribe has actually finished with its trailblazing Dry Texturizing Spray. The brand name has released a limited-edition bottle in celebration of its late co-founder, legendary celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales. The art work features an illustration of Canales with his coiffed hair, signature sleeve tattoos, and comb in hand, ready to style supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford backstage at fashion week.
BEAUTY BOSS: Oribe/Daniel Kaner
This illustration by New York-based artist Alvaro was originally commissioned by Canales in the ’90s for a collection haircare products he was making, the first being a pomade. And the rest, as they state, is history. While Oribe’s muscle man didn’t stay on the luxury haircare brand name’s packaging, the stylist’s legacy has lived on in the items themselves and the impact his work has actually had on the art of hairstyling.
However with many of the existing charm patterns rooted in nostalgia, it’s never been a much better time for a brand name like Oribe to review its roots. Ahead, Daniel Kaner, president and co-founder of Oribe, shares all the information on the limited-edition Dry Texturizing Spray, how the spirit of Canales continues to drive the brand forward, and how the brand name remains at the forefront of the luxury haircare area.
Why is 2022 the right minute to admire Canales with this limited-edition bottle of Dry Texturizing Spray?

We call this image we’re utilizing “the muscle male.” It was an artist named Alvaro, who did a lot of work with Oribe. They even had a comics series in the past. When Oribe opened his beauty salon at Elizabeth Arden in New York, there were illustrations of mermaids with faces of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell on them. And the beauty salon in Miami used to be in a coral house that had a giant aquarium. When you would look through it, you might see a giant six-foot by eight-foot illustration of Oribe’s eyes. Considering that Oribe’s passing, we’ve started to inform more of his story. We’re bringing the muscle male in since I believe it introduces a swagger that was so endemic to who Oribe was.

A lot of today’s charm trends– specifically haircare– are rooted in nostalgia. What Oribe look or minute do you believe has actually affected existing looks.

Oribe and Judy Erickson, his assistant of over 20 years, were truly wizards with hair. They were able to take designs from Amy Winehouse-like appearances to other sculpted looks quickly.

The Dry Texturizing Spray is the very first of its kind and created a whole brand-new product classification when it released in 2010. What memories from the advancement procedure stand apart to you?

Back in the day, session hair stylists didn’t have complimentary products they could use. Oribe, being such a practitioner and artist, developed robust stylers on that perspective. He was testing these items on models, like Cindy Crawford on a Versace shoot, and they didn’t understand.
How do you tackle developing new products for the brand name that are innovative, but still stay true to Oribe’s viewpoint?

Oribe’s one non-negotiable was the performance of the items. They’re checking items and we have heaps of session hairdressers that are likewise utilizing the products and reporting back to us.

The skinification of haircare is old news now, however when we started we were really focused on making items that wouldn’t remove the scalp. We had the ability to work with a laboratory in Italy that made skin care products to make haircare products for us with those skincare components in them. We’re always on the hunt to make something remarkable, and I think that’s part of Oribe’s tradition that he’s entrusted the group.

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