For Susanne Kaufmann, Clean Beauty Goes Beyond Ingredients

Established in 2003, the Susanne Kaufmann brand started in the village of Bezau, Austria and has given that grown to become a global phenomenon. Naturally, the name is agent of the powerhouse behind it– however what’s unexpected about her success is that she never implied to launch a skin care brand name.

That very same locale was then changed into a hotel when her parents took over, and at 23, Kaufmann signed up with the household organization. At 25, she became the owner of her household hotel, and changed it into the renown Hotel Post by Susanne Kaufmann– then launched a global skin care brand while doing so.

Health and appeal have always attracted Kaufmann– they’re deeply personal to her. Maturing, she tells InStyle that her mother and grandmother had weekly routines where they ‘d do things such as mix eggs and chamomile to rinse her long hair. As an adult with kids of her own, Kaufmann has continued to carry on those customs with her household.
BEAUTY BOSS: Susanne Kaufmann
” During COVID-19, we would do medspa afternoons since the health club was empty. I gave them some facials– I’m not a therapist, however we did it and it was very nice,” she informs us of their time in lockdown. “The family frequently goes to the medical spa.”

Kaufmann utilizes local ingredients which speaks to the brand name’s dedication to sustainability and naturals, but it also makes it feel authentic in an industry that’s overly-saturated.

In conversation with InStyle, Kaufmann shares how the brand name was born, how she forged a path for clean beauty brand names, and her pointers for small business owners. Below, read our interview.
Why did you open a day spa at your hotel?
From my early days here, I began a little retreat. I discovered our doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and started to discover about food, facials, and this idea of holistic wellness. I desired to do something more extensive, so we began to present these concepts.It went very well and we saw big success.

What inspired you to begin creating your own skin care products?
We began it in 2003, however the ideas was to discover a brand for the health club. We began with 24 products for our medical spa– that’s where our journey began.
What were some of the difficulties you dealt with while growing your brand name?
It was persuading everyone that natural skin care can be effective. It was challenging since now people know they work and are just as effective as ‘norma’ components. Back then, natural wasn’t typical.

Every brand defines ‘tidy’ differently, so how does your brand define tidy charm?
It was always clear to me that we wanted to be clean in a lot of methods. From the start, we had tidy ingredients, they were safe for human beings, safe for the environment. Of course, probably the most crucial thing is if you’re clean in how you deal with people.

When did it struck you that your brand name had made it?
It was eight years earlier when I went to Hong Kong to go to a retail partner. We arrived and they brought us to the first store and I saw this wall of Susanne Kaufmann products. I resembled, “Is that really our product here in Hong Kong?” I was actually overwhelmed. It was so enormous due to the fact that she had all these products showed– it wasn’t just on a rack. That was the minute where I believed this could become worldwide.

What’s the very best piece of advice you can give to aspiring Beauty Bosses?
It’s extremely essential that you follow your course, your DNA. Trust in yourself and after that keep going. And do not follow trends– you have to set the trends, not follow them.

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