Martha Stewart Revealed the Product She Uses “Every Single Morning” for a Glowing Complexion

Each time a photo of Martha Stewart appears on my Instagram feed, I question what her trick is; at 82 years of ages, her skin looks glowing, plump, and shockingly vibrant. Just recently, she finally gave me the answers I ‘d been trying to find.

Throughout the season 2 premier of The Martha Stewart Podcast– an iHeartPodcasts production– the star talked about all things skincare and upkeep with her cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin. And while they “set the record directly” about what work she has actually had done– citing Botox, filler, and skin-tightening treatments– I was most interested in what she uses “every early morning” to maintain her glow.

According to Stewart, Dr. Belkin put her on to Alastin’s tinted, hydrating sunscreen, and she now “loves [it] Much” she won’t “leave the home with it.” “I add to it a little serum, so I thin it out a little tiny bit, and I just put it all over my face,” chest, arms, and hands, she explained, adding that, “It really works, and it looks like you have some makeup on.”
Martha Stewart
Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
Alastin’s HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with SPF 36 serves 3 purposes: to safeguard skin from harmful UV rays, provide a boost of all-day hydration, and provide skin an even, glowy appearance. “It’s sunscreen and a glowy skin tint in a tube,” said an InStyle senior beauty editor, adding that it has “a skin-perfecting finish.” And while Dr. Belkin kept in mind that the brand name and the non-comedogenic item are a favorite amongst skin doctors, the hydrating, tinted sunscreen is also a staple amongst shoppers, boasting hundreds of ideal scores.

“It’s velvety, not at all milky, and leaves your skin fresh and glowing,” they raved.

Plus, even consumers with mature skin love the tinted SPF. “I am a 55-year-old lady with mild wrinkles and structure just seems to accentuate them, however this item gives me simply enough protection without highlighting the wrinkles,” they wrote. And per another, it “evens out” their complexion while “concealing” wrinkles.

For even, glowy skin, Stewart depends on a three-in-one tinted moisturizer with SPF. So if you’re prepared to streamline your regimen while increasing your glow, get her go-to item today for $76.

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