Why epi.logic Founder Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton Believes in Starting Over

Beginning over isn’t easy, however sometimes it’s what’s best. Simply ask Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, Board-Certified Oculofacial Cosmetic Surgeon at Brooklyn Face & Eye and creator of epi.logic skincare.

“Even though I’m actually proud of the original epi.logic, I found out so much about skin care component technology after introducing and couldn’t bear being complacent with that understanding,” she shows InStyle.

The brand name originally launched back in 2019– ideal before the increase of celeb skincare lines. As such, it seemed a bit intimidating to give it a 2nd shot in a lot more saturated market. With revamped, science-backed solutions, stunning new packaging, and a remarkable cult-following already under her belt, Dr. Jeanniton was well ahead of the curve.
Epi.Logic/Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton
Here, we talked to Dr. Jeanniton about her original collection, why she thinks in beginning over, and what we can get out of epi.logic the 2nd time around.
Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton: epi.logic grew out of a deepening understanding of the needs of my clients. Discussions with them made it apparent that they longed for the outcomes assured by medical skincare but were dissatisfied by the existing landscape. Reflective of my medical practice, epi.logic centers the requirements of skin of color, an anomaly in scientific skincare.

You just recently relaunched the line. Why was that the right choice to make?
Even though I’m actually proud of the initial epi.logic, I found out so much about skincare component technology after launching and could not bear being complacent with that knowledge. The initial success of epi.logic instilled self-confidence in me that I was resolving a genuine requirement and filling a space in charm. I felt emboldened to totally and unapologetically lean into my vision of how epi.logic ought to take up space in the industry.

What are a few of the main differences behind the new line and the original launch?

While I’m profoundly pleased with what epi.logic 1.0 accomplished, I wanted to aim greater with 2.0 by taking advantage of encapsulation technologies throughout even more components, making use of unique retinoid blends, and accepting the advances in growth factors and messenger peptides to develop our signature Cell ServiceTM mix. Multitaskers that maximally deliver on efficacy and fulfilling experiences are at the core of epi.logic’s raison d’être, and I recognized I might do much better on both those fronts.

I like the redesigned product packaging– what was the imagination process?

I desired to turn the standards of clinical skincare. I couldn’t comprehend why medical skin care had to feel cold, medical, and sterilized.

What are a few of your favorite products from the line?

With the colder weather condition upon us, the mix of Master Plan Collagen Renew Growth Factor Serum and The Total Package Fortifying Peptide Cream sets my day off with the right degree of hydration. In the nights, I like the experience of applying Double Feature Retinol + AHA Overnight Facial Serum (coming quickly) to my skin before bedtime. It has a truly luscious application, so it feels excellent to work it into my skin.

There are a lot of striving appeal business owners out there, however with the market so saturated, it can be discouraging to really try to go into the area. What would be your guidance to them?

My suggestions is to be hyper-focused on the problem you’re attempting to solve and who you’re attempting to reach. There will constantly be room for a problem-solver. In today’s age, where our feeds stay saturated with updates, launches, and newness, it can be easy to get seduced away from your niche and lured to line up with patterns for an easier inroad into the market. Resist the desire and stay focused.

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