We Asked Hairstylists If You Should Really Use Coconut Oil on Hair

Component lists dotted with charcoal, tea tree oil, and rosemary oil most likely come to mind. You’re probably going down the list, checking off shea butter, honey, aloe vera, and jojoba oil. We have to ask you: What about coconut oil?
Is it truly worth purposefully including into your regimen? We chatted with two star hair stylists to learn.

What Is Coconut Oil?
” Coconut oil is an abundant, fatty oil drawn out from the meat of coconuts,” says Cooper. “It has a very distinctive sweet, nutty scent.” In addition to being a superfood, Cooper mentions that it’s an antiviral ingredient discovered in a variety of beauty items– namely, haircare.
Gabrielle Union with a braided ponytai.
Advantages of Coconut Oil for Hair
According to Sims, who has worked with America Ferrera, Lupita Nyong’ o, and Tracee Ellis Ross, coconut oil is an incredibly useful haircare ingredient. “Coconut oil can serve as a protective barrier to protect your hair and/or scalp from germs and other irritants,” he says. “In addition, coconut oil includes lauric acid, which has a special ability to penetrate the hair shaft rapidly and smooth the cuticle to provide wetness, help heal breakage, and prevent frizz.”

Cooper states that coconut oil works wonders for amping up the shine. “Dry hair benefits the most from coconut oil use, however, all hair types can use it,” Cooper adds.
How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
Sims says that the very best way to utilize coconut oil for hair depends upon your mane objectives. If you wish to utilize the raw, unrefined component, he says to buy a jar, scoop some out, and use it directly to your hair from roots to ends, to work as a hydrating, shine-enhancing DIY hair mask. If you don’t wish to handle that possibly unpleasant circumstance, though, you can merely update your current haircare regimen with coconut oil-infused formulas, like our picks below.

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