This Makeup Brand Has Created The Perfect Red Lipstick for Every Lip Tone

Have you ever became aware of a makeup brand name with a “universal” shade of foundation?

That’s the question Pound Cake co-founder Camille Bell is asking the charm market. The brand name approaches color cosmetics the very same way they would structure, starting with red lipstick. The Cake Batter liquid lipstick, Pound Cake’s first launch, is a best real red for all complexion.

In addition to partner Johnny Velazquez, Bell has accomplished this task by offering the lipstick in five various tones, which match numerous skin tones and lip tones.

” Skin tones and undertones are only truly spoken about concerning items that are skin-colored like foundation or concealer. That’s simple—- simply match the color to the skin tone. “This is a thing that hasn’t been resolved because the beginning of the cosmetics market when only one skin tone was deemed important, so business just continue to release one-size-fits-all colors.

And Pound Cake’s objective isn’t going unnoticed. The brand was a recipient of Glossier’s grant initiative for Black-owned companies in 2020 and Cake Batter sold out within 48 hours of releasing last fall.

Ahead, Bell shares the painstaking procedure of getting the lipstick shades just right, her advice for aspiring business owners, and more.
What inspired you to develop Pound Cake?

I was really thrilled about it, but I desired to make sure I liked the color before getting in the long line to pay. When I went to swipe it on my hand, I could not believe my eyes due to the fact that it looked like I didn’t put anything on my skin. They suggested I do something about it, so I began Pound Cake.
BEAUTY BOSS: Pound Cake/Camille Bell

How did you land on the name Pound Cake?

The name is our objective declaration. It suggests “interfere with appeal.” When I was thinking about what to call the business, I wanted something that was absorbable adequate to not turn away clients however likewise specified who we are and what we’re doing. At the beginning of the cosmetics market (about 100 years ago), there was a huge boom that catapulted it into the hazardous, charm standard, marginalizing maker we understand today– and that can be credited to the release of “pancake” or “Cake” makeup. So, we utilize “Cake” as our stand-in for the market and all its problematic components and companies– and “Pound” as an extremely direct action we want to have against it.
Why did you decide on red lipstick as your first product?

The reason why we developed 5 various red lipsticks is that most brand names don’t account for individuals of different skin and lip tones. Folks with darker skin tend to have darker lip tones, which can affect the way the color shows up. You don’t hear individuals say they came out with a universal shade of foundation– they make an entire line that consists of tones for different skin tones and undertones.

How did you land on the last 5 shades?

We started with one color we desired all customers to be able to attain (in our case, it’s a true red). Knowing colors look different on various lip tones, we made variations of it until every one appeared like a true red. We tested and evaluated for four years and had focus groups where folks would come in to evaluate the models. Johnny and I likewise referred to Pantone’s SkinTone Guide. We would send the cards to our laboratory for recommendation and we would swatch the models on them and look at them in various lighting to see how the lipstick shades shifted. We’re truly proud of the final result, and so far, our consumers are pleased with it too.

What suggestions do you have for aiming entrepreneurs who wish to break into the beauty industry?

You have to be enthusiastic about what you’re doing. This is what somebody told me when I first began. Unless you’re entering the video game with a big following, celeb status, or a great deal of cash, you’re going to get a great deal of noes. However what’s going to keep you going is that enthusiasm. You have to have a brainstorm session with yourself to determine if you’re genuinely passionate about whatever market you’re in. If the answer is a strong yes, then certainly go all out.

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