This $7 Beauty Hack Makes My Frizz-Prone Hair Smooth and Silky Overnight

There are endless hair treatments on the marketplace, such as vitamins, thickening masks, development oils, and leave-in conditioners– but if you’re still sleeping on cotton pillowcases, you may wish to reassess your hair care routine.

Licensed trichologist Angela Onuoha formerly informed InStyle that cotton pillowcases suck the wetness and oil out of your hair, leaving behind brittle, dry, and sometimes tangled strands– i.e. a cotton pillowcase equals bedhead. Satin pillowcases like Amazon’s very popular Bedsure $7 alternative does the opposite.
Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Queen
Bedsure Satin Pillowcase
Hair effortlessly slides throughout Bedsure’s satin pillowcase thanks to its smooth luxe fabric, minimizing frizz and damage. Available in standard, queen, king, and body sizes, it looks stunning atop all beds thanks to 35 color options, consisting of champagne, gray, pink, and sage. And the best part? It’s up to 40 percent off– now just $7.

Bedsure’s satin pillowcase is similar to pricey silk choices, which stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, and Kelly Ripa swear by. The difference is found in the material’s fibers, though some experts, such as trichologist Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris, Ph.D., choose satin over silk due to its softness, making Bedsure’s satin pillowcase an economical front-runner.

The low expense isn’t the only draw; over 223,000 Amazon consumers have actually provided the Bedsure pillowcase a luxury ranking, with one person calling it a “hair saver.” Given that utilizing the pillowcase, the very same customer’s hair “retains moisture,” “does not break as quickly,” and is “stronger.” Another person composed that the “silky-smooth texture” reduced “frizz and tangles,” while another stated the Bedsure satin pillowcase is like “magic for your hair.” One delighted shopper even stated their strands felt as “soft as butter” after sleeping.
I used to wake up with cowlicks and tufts, however now, my mane is streamlined and glossy– plus I feel absolutely stylish sleeping versus the posh fabric. Simply make sure to clean your pillowcase on a constant basis to rid it of any hair or oil that may construct up.

Whether you’re a satin enthusiast or are brand-new to this charm trick, you may too snag a Bedsure satin pillowcase while it’s as little as $7.

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