These Under-Eye Patches Are the Only Thing That Cure My Sleepy Face

I’m not alone in my journey with sleepy-looking eyes. It seems like half the world is strolling in a dream-like state as we navigate what it’s like to set about life without adequate sleep. For me, the huge free gift is constantly the dark under-eye circles.

Sure, an excellent concealer can do the technique to cover any shadow-y tones, but I do require a little extra something to bring down any morning-after puffiness I may experience. Considering that I do not like the idea of putting a cool spoon on my skin (or anything that’ll make me feel cold, even momentarily), I tend to turn to skincare rather.
Clean Slate Klorane Under Eye Patches
Of all the under-eye patches I’ve tried– and mind you, I’ve checked lots– the best ones by far are the Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches. I’ve grown to enjoy them a lot that I’ve put all my buddies on them and now they’re consumed, too.

What makes this tidy formula so special is its special cocktail of hydrating hyaluronic acid, calming cornflower, and toning dextran sulfate. And while I do not have sensitive skin, this item was produced with level of sensitivity top of mind– even my friends with super-sensitive skin swear by these under-eye patches.
Another thing that makes these stand out from other under-eye masks on the market is that they do not slip off. You just need to use them for 15 minutes to do the trick, however you can walk for hours and the hydrogel patches would not budge. Seriously, they’re ideal for when you’re doing chores and juggling a million tasks.

After utilizing these under-eye patches, I can inform there’s an extremely noticeable modification. The look of my dark circles have lowered and the puffiness is completely gone. What’s more, it’s ideal to utilize pre-makeup as it likewise smooths out the location and for that reason develops a more even canvas for concealer and/or structure application.

From non-toxic makeup and skincare to sustainability practices, Clean Slate is an expedition of all things in the green charm area. Discover what’s actually in your items– and what’s being overlooked.

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