The 5 Biggest Nail Trends We Saw at New York Fashion Week

Nails are always the perfect completing touch. Whether purposefully bare or bedazzled to the nines, they add another cohesive layer for head-to-toe harmony. Season after season, New York Fashion Week provides droves of inspiration on this front.

From elevated takes on ombré to an imaginative variety of French manicures, the fall 2024 nail looks are moody, expressive, and anything but basic. Ahead, see the 5 nail trends that will dominate for the rest of the year.

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Motivated Ombré
Often, ombré nails go from the pointer of the nail toward the base. But for two shows this season– Jason Wu and Retrofête– the ombré looks were a bit more inspired.

For Jason Wu, editorial manicurist Jin Soon Choi picked a reverse ombré. “I informed [Wu] that we’ve done [ombré] from the suggestion,” says Choi, creator of the JINsoon Spas and JINsoon Nail Lacquer. “We haven’t seen [reverse ombré] at programs much, so we chose to do it a bit differently.” The style went from the base of the nail with a deep black cherry into nothing however a clear polish at the top, with the polishes combined into each other utilizing a little sponge. Choi adds that this look extends the nail. Ombré “can be boyish if you do from the idea,” she states. “But this one is a more lengthened look, so extremely soft and feminine.”
NYFW Nail Trends
At Retrofête, celeb manicurist Miss Pop chose for a side-to-side ombré utilizing a quad of polishes from essie. To get the look, Miss Pop used 4 tones of red and used them side by side while wet, blending with absolutely nothing but the bottle’s brushes.
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Huge Decals
Over-the-top decals took the program at style week.

At Sergio Hudson, celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards produced a nail appearance with KISS that included huge, chunky jewel-toned gems and burnished gold appliqués. “This is an attractive, embellished nail appearance,” says Edwards. “We have ’70s throwback glam– think about Diane Carroll, Diana Ross. Those were the two ladies that Sergio was motivated by for this collection.” The style features inlaid stones surrounded by gold, similar to a cabochon ring. “In the collection, Sergio has jeans, velvet, yellow, reds, blues, and I wanted to include all of that into one nail,” states Edwards.

At Luar, nail artist Naomi Yasuda made exaggerated super-long accent nails embellished with resin decals developed in a mold and topped with OPI Nail Lacquer in Glitzerland ($ 12). “Luar is a brand that marries high fashion with city culture,” says Yasuda in a press release. “So I chose to make nails that were both striking and extravagant, leading me to create a baroque-inspired design for the declaration nail.”
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Cherry Reds
Cherry Red appeared at Retrofête, Prabal Gurung (by KISS), Christian Cowan (by CND), and Bronx and Banco (by Chillhouse.) Amongst the most distinct analyses was Jason Wu, which served up an ombré twist. “We attempted 3 different colors,” says Choi. “One red looked really bloody, and black might look really gothic, so we wanted to have an in-between of the dark plus sophistication, so we chose to use JINsoon Risque ($ 18).”.

At Prabal, Edwards created a velvet, aka feline eye cherry nail. Feline eye “offers you that magnetic effect,” says Edwards. Prabal desired a nail that was going to be reflective, originating the past with the present.

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Fun Frenchies.
The French manicure is going absolutely no place, as evidenced by the nail looks at Sergio Hudson (KISS), Christian Cowan (CND), PatBO (KISS), and Tiffany Brown (Dazzle Dry). But none of these looks were your basic Frenchie– think: expressive colors, shapes, and designs.

” For 2024, we’re going to be still seeing French nails,” states Edwards. “I can’t tell you the number of people today that I ran into that are using French, and it’s a brown suggestion, rhinestone tip– anything. It’s just a different twist, which is bringing the ’90s to today.”.

For Sergio Hudson, Edwards balanced out the high glam of the multi-colored gem nails with a champagne double French press-on, using KISS Voguish Fantasy Sculpted French Nails in Party Crasher ($ 10). For PatBO, she used the KISS imPRESS nails in For the Night ($ 10), however selected just the French tip nails from the set.

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Reflective Metals.
What began with the viral glazed donut nail has developed into the love of a high-impact, reflective metal manicure. Chillhouse’s Chill at the Disco ($ 16) press-ons were used at both Lapointe and Bronx and Banco. They’re a silver cat-eye nail with a white swirled line style.

“Magnetic nails have been around, however it’s simply catapulting to different levels with various designs in the cat eye,” says Edwards. There are so lots of different takes on magnetic nails, and they’re truly cohesive with a lot of outfits that you wear because it pulls the light and provides you various colors.”.

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