Shoppers Say This $24 Retinol Body Lotion Makes Skin Feel “Supple but Firm”

As someone with keratosis pilaris (KP), periodic rosacea, and hormonal body breakouts, I have constantly been as concerned about the skin on my body as much as the skin on my face. The good news is, body care products have increased greatly; Rather of jury rigging my own services, I can turn to trusted brands like Paula’s Option and its Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Treatment.

Paula’s Choice is understood for its amazingly popular skincare products, particularly the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant which sells a bottle every 7 seconds. Its Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Treatment is racking up an ardent following of its own.
Retinol Body Lotion
The supposed benefits are as follows: It evens out the texture of rough skin, decreases skin thickness, hydrates, softens, companies, and reduces wrinkles. It’s an FDA-approved anti-aging ingredient with fine line-reducing, plumping, texture smoothing, brightening, and skin-clearing advantages.

It’s an almost overwhelming number of benefits loaded into a $29 bottle. Plus, they said it “works quicker” than lots of comparable and more costly items. A last shopper said this makes their skin feel “smoother, hydrated, supple, but firm.”

Many buyers claim to have this stockpiled in the house or to have actually been using this for many years and years. You can shop it for 20 percent off (that’s just $23) at Dermstore with the code REFRESH. It’s likewise offered (although at full rate) on Amazon and Paula’s Choice.

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