My Secret to Professional-Looking Nail Art Manicures Is This Foolproof $10 Product

Not to be that individual, however I was getting nail art manicures before most people understood it was even a possibility. It started more than a years earlier when I looked for out Japanese gel nail art specialists and continued for years until Covid-19 began and I was left to my own gadgets. The reality is I am an amateur but I have a secret weapon– Deco Beauty’s $10 Nail Art Stickers.
Deco Beauty makes sheets of nail stickers in various styles and color pattern. Most are $10 however some more expensive ones are still extremely cost effective at just $12. There is a core collection in addition to a rotation of seasonal and limited-edition choices. In the very first classification, you’ll find sheets like the ’70s-inspired Stay Groovy with lots of era-specific florals, peace indications, and symbols of love. The latter classification includes collaborations with fashion brand Oceanus and a Valentine’s Day candy heart-filled sticker sheet.
You can use them on painted or bare nails and application truly could not be simpler. Choose your sticker and use tweezers (Deco Beauty sells its own, however you can utilize what you currently have, too) to carefully remove the sticker label and apply to your nails. When you’re done with your DIY design, complete it off with a layer of top coat. That’s literally it. I’m done with the entire thing in simple minutes.
Wearing Deco Beauty’s Jewels Nail Art Stickers.

It doesn’t look like you have sticker labels on your nails, most individuals presume these are hand-painted designs. It seems like they get more development with every launch so my nails and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Head to Deco Beauty to shop the $10 secret to my professional-looking DIY manicures.

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