My Secret to a Rich-Girl Manicure Is This Universally Flattering Nail Concealer

It can even extend to nails. I like to say I’m a casual observer of the super-rich, and a dead giveaway of somebody’s status can be “rich-girl” nails– aka long, filed nails in neutral shades (or even in some cases clear or no polish).

Regardless of not having Gwenyth Paltrow’s budget, I do have access to a nail polish that can make me feel like her in spirit: Londontown’s Illuminating Nail Concealer, now available in a naked color called Bare. Simply like previous colors of Londontown’s Illuminating Nail Concealer, the Bare shade provides on an at-home manicure; the formula integrates the best in color and care to make it look like you simply left the nail beauty salon.
The beige shade is universal– consider it as a color-correcting structure or filter for your nails. Most importantly, this can all be achieved with only one coat that goes on smoothly and dries quickly.
Londontown Nail Concealer
I shouted my love for Londontown’s Pink Illuminating Nail Concealer from the roofs when it first came out– that is, when I was finally able to snag a bottle after it offered out repeatedly. I have yellow undertones to my skin and I’ve struggled with nude-toned nail polishes in the previous looking too orange.

While the Bare shade is so new that it hasn’t been reviewed yet, Amazon buyers are in love with the general idea of the Illuminating Nail Concealer. Another called it a “godsend” and their “favorite product on Amazon” thanks to how it fills their problematic nail “ridges efficiently without a different base layer,” “does not chip off much,” and “does brighten the nail.”

As somebody on a spending plan (who can’t do my nails at home for anything), I guarantee you that Londontown’s Bare Illuminating Nail Concealer is an economical and foolproof solution to a stylish manicure.

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