Meghan Trainor on Her e.l.f. Super Bowl Ad, Glowing Makeup Routine, and Go-To Gastro Supplements

The 2nd I got on a Zoom call with Meghan Trainor, I became consumed with her.

Clearly, I’ve been bopping to her music for the previous decade, but talking with the “All About That Bass” singer made me like her much more. She’s a lady’s lady, freely chatting beauty tricks and commiserating over our mutual stomach difficulties. And what really took the call over the top was finding out that we both take the very same miracle-working IBS supplement (more on that later).
Meghan Trainor for e.l.f.
This all came about because Trainor becomes part of e.l.f. cosmetics’s latest renowned commercial. It stars Judge Judy as Judge Beauty, the cast of Suits, and much more celebrities, all of whom are partaking in an amusing, high-camp trial.

To learn more about the items that kept Trainor glowing throughout the shoot day, her makeup, and skin-care must-haves (and that gut-soothing supplement), keep reading.

Hi. You’re so gorgeous.

Oh my God. Thank you. You understand how to butter a girl up.

No, I’m simply gazing at this pic, and I’m like, “Oh wow. She’s gorgeous.”

Thank you! Well, I can’t see you, however I know you’re beautiful since I’ve seen your face a million times.

Thank you.

I am really living for this e.l.f. Judge Beauty moment. It’s charming. How fun was it to deal with this job?

Oh, it was fun. From the minute I got the ask, when my group and I read the script with Judge Beauty as Judge Judy, it was so brilliant. And I remember when I dealt with them in the past, too, I was like, “Gosh, they’re just so proficient at making material and going viral and being clever with it.” And this idea was so dazzling. I resembled, “Oh man, this is going to be big, and I can’t believe they thought of me, and I’ll do any part I can to be a part of this.” And it was amusing from the minute we got there to the last minute of the day. We were just cracking up all day. It was fantastic.
Oh, that sounds remarkable. And what motivated your charm try to find the commercial?

I was a trendy pop star press reporter, so I was undoubtedly stunning and stunning and had makeup on, but I wished to keep it dewy. And I remember in between takes, they resembled, “Can she be even dewier?” So my lady Alison, my bestie, was doing my makeup. She ran in with the Halo Glow Liquid Filter and simply kept tapping it on my cheekbones. And I was like, “What are you doin?”, and she was like, “They want more glow.” And I was like, “Okay, bring it on.”
I love that. And the makeup was incredibly, super pretty. And likewise, your hair looks fab.

Everything hanging down is a wig, and then my hair is nabbed up on top. Yeah, it’s a headache, but it’s beautiful. It’s the most gorgeous headache ever.

Whether you’re dealing with a makeup artist or playing with your makeup yourself, what’s your favorite method to use the Halo Glow Liquid Filter?

I’m a spongy girl. I attempted the brush and my fingers. I feel like my fingers are gross, and I was like, “I’m a spongy gal.” And it spreads much better for me that way.
I absolutely agree. And before you even begin with the structure, what does your skin-care routine look like to assist magnify that radiance?

Oh yeah. I have many actions, but I’ve cooled down a bit. I constantly clean my face, or I try to, every early morning, especially before I do glam. And I hydrate, and I always put my sunscreen on. I’ve been using the e.l.f Skin Suntouchable! All Set for Sun. The SPF 45 spray. It’s so easy since it’s a spray, and I pop that on before my routine. Sometimes, I begin with the Halo Glow Filter, or I mix that with another foundation and mix it. Because it always makes me shiny, but not greasy. Shiny, but just dewy and young. It’s like, “Wow, she needs to have gotten Botox just recently because she’s so young and glowing.I enjoy it. Fresh-out-the-womb makeup.

Yeah, yeah. I’m so young.
Love that. One of your signature makeup looks is the extremely lovely pink lip. What is your go-to tones?

Every single day of my life, I utilize the Glow Reviver Lip Oil in pink quartz. I literally utilize it at nighttime, too, since I can not go to sleep with dry lips. I go nuts. It’s like a new part of my life now. I’m obsessed with that one. You could top it on anything, or you could just utilize it as is. And it’s so terrific. Man, I can’t get enough of this one. It’s my go-to.
And before bed, when you’re ready to get the day’s makeup off, what does your nighttime skin routine include?

My therapist states it’s me cleaning the day off or washing the tension off. I double cleanse, I make sure my makeup is off and totally off, and then I moisturize with multiple moisturizers. And then when I get into bed, I always view TV with my hubby and often I’ll do some Legos or things, and then I pop on my lip oil and then I’m good.And what are some of your other preferred health practices?

Oh, I was just talking to my therapist about that today. I do not know if that’s what you were asking, but I’ve seen I have belly aches just recently. He does it two times a day.

Oh my God. Jealous.

I understand. He makes it. I do also drink a gallon of water a day.

Well, from a fellow tummy-troubles girly, there is a supplement called IBgard that’s literally just peppermint oil in a pill, and it is amazing.

I take that like every other day! No one knows about this magic pill.
No, literally, same. It’s like you take it, wait 10 seconds, burp peppermint, and happen with your day.

Yeah, it’s a miracle employee. Oh my gosh. I’m so grateful you understand about this.

I’m actually pressing it on everyone. I’m like, “I believe you ought to try IBgard.”

Me too! I went to a complete GI physician, and he resembled, “Have you ever heard of this?” and I resembled, “No.” And it’s the only thing that actually works.
Oh, I enjoy to hear that. Well, thank you, thank you so, so much, Meghan.

You too. I hope your belly feels much better!

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