Louis Vuitton’s Newest Fragrance Is a Summer Fling In a Bottle

When one thinks of Louis Vuitton, they might associate the brand name with its iconic “LV”- printed travel luggage. Given that its inception in 1854, the French fashion house has aimed to raise the art of travel, whether through its knapsacks, accessories, or scents.

The latter has actually motivated several Louis Vuitton launches, including its newest addition: City of Stars.

Influenced by a summer night in Los Angeles, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud created a unisex scent made to influence, seduce, and as collaborator Alex Israel said at the launch occasion, it was made to offer us the most significant high-end of all: time.
Each using head-to-toe black with the Hollywood sign behind them, helicopters swirling around, and the sun slackly setting as time went by, they presented City of Stars in a setting that appeared like it could be a movie scene– typical LA
Louis Vuitton’s Newest Fragrance Is a Summer Fling In a Bottle
. City of Stars marks Louis Vuitton’s 4th Los Angeles-inspired scent. California Dream, On The Beach, and Afternoon Swim take wearers through the early mornings and afternoons of this renowned city with popular daytime fragrance notes, such as Yuzu, sweet orange, and mandarin.
It’s radically focused on the special, shimmering atmosphere of a night in Los Angeles when the particular setting sun gives way to the city’s lights and spotlights that traverse the sky,” he said in a statement. “The light comes from the explosion of a citrus quintet: blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime.

On stage, Cavallier Belletrud discussed his ongoing quest to record the essence of freshness and equate feelings into fragrance. “The magic and the poetry need to remain in the control, and at Louis Vuitton, that’s our viewpoint,” he informed us in his thick, French accent, moving his hands around as if he were waving a wand.

Feelings ran high throughout the creation of this perfume. He and Israel teamed up over Zoom during the pandemic to bring City of Stars to life. The master perfumer explains that the duo needed to collaborate practically due to lockdowns in both the U.S. and Europe, however that dealing with this invigorating project filled them with happiness, in spite of feeling disappointed with the state of the world.

Everything about City of Stars is the expression of love and joy. “Fragrance isn’t simply about scent. What’s so terrific about Jacques is he has this completely expansive definition of fragrance,” Israel said, turning to his partner.
The artwork for the travel case and luggage, an initial by Israel, was made intentionally to equate how he and Cavallier Belletrud view the scent and its connection to LA.

” I had this idea of showing the revealing at night from this amazing viewRemarkable” he told the crowd. “There are no stars in the sky, the stars are down in the city, and that was a decision I made to move your concept on what stars are and where they might be.
One whiff of the scent will make you seem like one, too. In the beginning, the citrus quintet comes to life with the effective mix of blood orange– which Cavallier Belletrud points out is less acidy than soft orange and is more lasting on the skin– lime– which he said was motivated by his love for Coca-Cola– bergamot, lemon, and red mandarin. Once it settles in, a veil of Tiare flower accord cleans over. Then, after City of Stars has completely melted into the skin, a swirling melody of sandalwood oil, monoi oil, and powdery musk bring it to completion.

There’s a gleaming aspect to it as if the fragrance were shining as the ocean does when the sun sets in Los Angeles. If we were to paint a picture of the sensations this perfume motivates, that would be it, however Israel has another take that includes to this experience.
” The biggest thing a luxury item can do is produce the illusion of time slowing down so you can value [it] and seem like you have a bit more, and that occurs when you appreciate artistry, and that definitely occurs when you smell this fragrance,” he said, now standing in the crowd searching for at Cavallier Belletrud. “It takes you out of this moment and into some other space where you get to believe and reflect. It decreases breathing.”

When you think of those very first minutes of falling in love or desire, your pupils broadening as you lay eyes on the person of your desire, you may remember time slowing down as you took it in. If an aroma can recreate that, as City of Stars does, then that really achieves what Louis Vuitton has constantly planned to do: wed poetry, experience, and luxury.

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