Anne Hathaway Wore the Foundation Shoppers Call “Smoothing and Perfecting”

I love discovering which foundations celebrities use, since no matter how excellent their natural skin is, it’s never ever absolutely perfect and poreless. Bits of info like Reese Witherspoon and I using the very same skin product and Helen Mirren’s concealer being simply $13 are vital to the satisfaction center of my brain. And thanks to a conversation with Anne Hathaway’s on-set makeup artist on The Idea of You, I have a brand-new bit of details: the starlet wore Chanel No. 1 de Revitalizing Foundation.
Anne Hathaway Chanel Foundation
Star makeup artist Nana Fischer informed me she used this to offer Hathaway with a “gorgeous, glowing, and dewy finish without appearing heavy.” Another reason Fischer liked using it on set is since it “mixes well with serums and oils, which is a mix that works well for attaining a healthy and glowing appearance.”
Chanel has a variety of famous and traditional makeup items, this is not one of them. The No. 1 line was introduced a couple of years back and includes, per the long-lasting trend, skincare-makeup hybrid products. The star ingredient in the line, and this foundation, is red camellia extract. The brand says it has “renewing powers and amazing energy” that gives way to “perennial youth.” That last expression is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, however there is some science to support the claims of this component’s benefits. Studies have found that it promotes collagen production and secures from ecological aggressors (which can accelerate indications of aging).

As for the cosmetic part of this foundation, it can be found in 29 buildable shades with a natural finish. It’ll give you glowing skin quickly, but thanks to the red camellia extract, a plumper complexion in the long run, too.

Chanel No. 1 de Revitalizing Foundation rings in at $75– which is not chump change– but numerous luxury rankings suggest that buyers think it’s worth it. One shopper called it “perfect for mature women.” Another shopper who is on their second bottle stated it lasts 10 hours and called it “smoothing and improving.” One final 81-year-old shopper wrote, “it makes my skin look younger– extremely smooth, illuminating, and hydrating.”

Head to Chanel to shop the No. 1 de Revitalizing Foundation used on Anne Hathaway and loved by shoppers.

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